Pechuga special edition is a mezcal for festivities, distilled with apples, pears, tejocotes, pineapples and creole turkey breast.


  • 100% wild Espadin agave from white and stony ground hill.
  • Elaborated in the traditional way from the finest capon agaves.
  • Naturally fermented with spring water.
  • Chemical-free and no added flavors.
  • Double discontinued distillation in a copper alembic.
  • Cone-shaped stone oven.
  • Distilled with oak firewood.
  • Ground in a horse-drawn mill.
  • Double supervision by master distillers Cosme and Daniel Hernández Martínez.
  • Bottled with the highest standards and quality within the artesanal craft industry.
  • Robust and complex, with herbal tones and honey aroma; soft aftertaste of tejocote.
  • Ancestral legacy in a unique drink.
  • Produced in the Zapotec mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.
  • Scientific name: Agave Angustifolia Haw
  • Years to maturity: 8 years.
  • Artisanal production: 10 kilos per liter.
  • Also known as: Espadín, Dob-Yee.
  • Fun fact: It is the most widely-grown and adapts well to different weather conditions.
  • Tasting notes: A party mezcal with a creamy texture. Notes of sweet spices and tropical fruits, reminiscent of a fruit punch
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