Our Mezcal is certified by the Mexican Mezcal Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador del Mezcal). It has KOSHER certification as well as “Natural Process” certification.

We were awarded “Best Mezcal Blends” in the AGAVIT 2020 competition. In the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” we have been awarded three Gold Medals; in 2019 with our Coyote and Espadín-Madrecuishe mezcals and in 2018 for our Wild Agave Blend.



This is a blend of citric tones and a sensation of fresh herbs, light cocoa aroma and dry hints. It is a pleasant and supreme combination of the Espadín agave, which brilliantly complements the flavour of the Madrecuishe agave.


Our Tobalá mezcal is fruity and distinctive. It is exceptionally delicate, smooth and floral, with the fineness of the velvety notes of cinnamon and cocoa. This mezcal is made from one of the endemic agaves from the state of Oaxaca, which grows naturally in the highest mountains in the shades of the trees.


The agave used for this mezcal takes 20 years to mature. The careful elaboration process and the rarity of the agave makes this a particularly unique mezcal. It offers a sophisticated, creamy taste with floral tones that leaves an earthy aroma in the aftertaste.


This is a mezcal made from wild agave, featuring floral undertones and has an aftertaste of dried fruit, which gives a sensation of fresh flowers to the palate. Sweet and subtle, this product is unique as a result of its careful distillation process and the rarity of the agave. It is a sensorial experience that goes unmatched.


This is a supreme mezcal, which is the result of a combination of five wild agaves: Tepextate, Tobalá, Madrecuishe, Coyote and Tobasiche that result in an exquisite and balanced flavour. In this blend, each agave elegantly boasts its flavour.

It is a bouquet of flowers with sweet nuances invigorate the palate, inviting you to taste more. Its flavour highlights an earthy aroma of the Tepextate, a hint of herbal flavour from the Madrecuishe, as well as a the sweet touch of coconut of the Coyote agave.


Jabalí is the most difficult agave to distill because it produces the smallest output of all the agaves used in mezcal distillation. It is the only one of our mezcals which goes through a triple distillation. Jabalí has very robust and complex flavour that possess herbal and minty tones, accompanied by an aftertaste that features zapotecan plums. We consider this the king of the mezcals.


Esencial is the entry point of the MEZCAL CONVITE® spectrum. With its smooth and elegant flavour, it can both be enjoyed by itself or paired with another mixer. It has no additional flavours, only the exquisite taste of agave.

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