Our Mezcal is certified by the Mexican Mezcal Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador del Mezcal). It has KOSHER certification as well as “Natural Process” certification.

We were awarded “Best Mezcal Blends” in the AGAVIT 2020 competition. In the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” we have been awarded three Gold Medals; in 2019 with our Coyote and Espadín-Madrecuishe mezcals and in 2018 for our Wild Agave Blend.



Pink in colour. A herbal character with citric tones complemented by a light, sweet mineral touch. Produced with the Espadín agave and organically coloured with cochineal tint.


Semi-dry and mineral, with citric tones and a sensation of herbal freshness. It is an enjoyable and unmatched combination in which the Espadín agave appears to hold back its attributes in order to highlight the flavour of the Madrecuishe.


Fine and delicate. Floral, with the fineness of velvety notes of honey and cacao. This mezcal is made with one of the most popular agaves in the state of Oaxaca.


Fascinating and magnificent. An intense, spicy presence. Earthy, with herbal and sweet notes. Known as the “Black Truffle” of mezcal due to the years that it takes to mature.


Elegant and velvety, with floral tones and an aftertaste of dried fruits. This is an exclusive product given the rarity of the agave. The sensory experience of tasting this mezcal is unmatched.


The ultimate mezcal. The result of a combination of five wild agaves, with each boasting its flavour in this perfect blend. It is an “altar of flowers”, with sweet nuances and refreshing to the palate with its intense lavender tones.


Intense and robust flavour. An aromatic herbal character with touches of spices and homemade herbal remedies. Produced using the wild agave that is both the most difficult to distill and that which takes the highest number of years to mature.


A celebration mezcal. Notes of sweet spices and tropical fruits, reminiscent of a fruit punch, with a creamy texture. Distilled with criollo turkey breast.




Soft and light. Talkative. A herbal flavour with a citric tone and a mineral touch. Esencial is the entry point of the Mezcal Convite range, and is ideal for drinking straight or as part of a cocktail.

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