Mezcal Cocktails

For your pleasant and enjoyable moments, you can enjoy CONVITE straight or mixed in your favorite cocktail

In Mexican cuisine, meal cocktails are considered as a symbol of hospitality and amity. The sweet-smelling pungent scent of the mezcal is often combined with fruits that impart an earthy aroma to it. Sometimes, a hint of vanilla is also added to these drinks in order to give it a smoother consistency. With time, mezcal has evolved into a versatile drink that can be enjoyed by both young and old. A large number of non-alcoholic mezcal cocktails are also available in Mexican restaurants.

One of the most popular mezcal cocktails that you can enjoy with Mexican food is Convite margarita. A blend of mezcal, agave nectar and lime juice, this meal recipe is light on the stomach and goes well with Mexican and other spicy food. For an extra kick, you may also add a shot of hot chili powder or a dash of sugar.

Another popular mezcal cocktail that you can enjoy with Mexican cuisine is Smoky Pisco. It is very rich and gives you a sweet sensation along with a slight hint of bitterness. This particular meal is best served with meats that are grilled or served whole. For the agave syrup, you may either purchase it in bottles at the local supermarket or make your own by blending agave nectar and a little bit of water. Aside from age, there are also other medical cocktails that you may enjoy with Mexican delicacies such as mango, cantaloupe, avocado, lime, pineapple and other fruits. Enjoy and share.

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