CONVITE is proud to be a 100% Oaxacan industry, heirs of knowledge transmitted over more than five generations in the distillation of agave and in the bottling of local beverages.

We believe that a good mezcal is a real elixir for the most discerning palates. Therefore, we are committed to protecting our traditions, while offering an artisanal drink of the highest quality.

CONVITE aspires to be a point of reference in our community, by supporting environmental sustainability, fair trade and community development; that is why we also carry out all our value chain activities exclusively in Oaxaca.

In every bottle we produce, you can find the presence of fragments of ancient traditions, the land where the plant was grown and the knowledge inherited generation after generation.


Mezcal CONVITE is a high quality artisanal mezcal. The thorough selection of wild agaves and the careful distillation adopted from ancient methods give our mezcals their distinctive flavors and luxurious tastes.

Made 100% in the traditional way, without any accelerators or added flavors, using the highest quality ingredients.

The production is made in small, exclusive lots, with a superb flavor. A true elixir of Mexico for the world! These attributes make it 100% natural, high quality, with an exquisite flavor, special and unique in the world.


Carefully selected agaves in San Baltazar Guelavila, at their exact point of maturity which is when they attain the most flavor, and with it, we collect the authentic flavors of the agaves.


Cutting of the agaves’ leaves and roots leaving only the heart.


Cooked with oakwood which ensures that it is not contaminated, nor does it give the distillate a smoky flavor.


Grinding of the heart with a circular stone mill.


Natural fermentation with spring water from the Zapotec mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur.


Discontinuous distillation in a copper alembic.


Our mezcal is made in the so-called mezcal region, in the Zapotec mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila, District of Tlacolula, located in the Sierra Madre del Sur. It is a magical place, with an amazing biological diversity, surrounded by mountains, stony waterfalls and springs at 1900 meters above sea level.

San Baltazar Guelavila is a special and fertile place where different types of wild agaves have grown naturally. The best and largest mezcal agaves in the world come from these lands.

Thus, the geography, the environment, and human factors all play important roles in the quality and the characteristics of our mezcal, as recognized by the “Designation of Origin”.

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